Center of Studies and Training in Mechanical Power Engineering


Prof. Dr. Mahmoud Abdel Wahab Kaseem 



1. Introduction and Background:

This centre is an independent unit of special nature, on technical, financial and managerial ground. It has been established and started its activities in 1988. The centre aims at consolidating the links between the university and private as well as governmental institutions and organizations with the view of fostering the role of universities to the integrated development of the country.


2. Centre Objectives

The above mentioned aims are to be achieved through:
• Offering continuous engineering education and training courses especially in the field of mechanical power engineering.
• Conducting joint research and studies with the industrial institutions in order to assist in its development and to provide techno-economical solutions for industrial problems.
• Providing technical service and consultation for industrial organizations.
• Conducting performance tests and calibration of equipment.
• Offering, whenever required, technical advises in arbitration.
• Helping to adopt the recent project management methods that extend to supervision of execution of work and construction management as related to the implementation of mechanical engineering projects.

3. Fields of Activities of the Centre

The group of experts of the center includes all faculty members at the department of mechanical power as well as other faculty members from other departments whose expertise are related to the fields of center activities which include:
• Thermal power stations
• Hydro – power stations
• Combustion engineering
• Heat transfer and heat exchangers
• Heating, ventilation and air conditioning
• Refrigeration
• Flow in pipelines and pipe networks
• Turbo machinery
• Pumping stations
• Air and gas compressor stations
• Pollution and environmental studies
• Quality assurance studies
• Boilers and boiler water treatment
• Steam mains and condensate lines
• Design and manufacture of educational and scientific equipment and kits

4. Examples of Activities and Projects

a. Projects and Contracts
The centre works towards the implementation of several studies and consultation activities for various entities. This is carried out through signing contracts of specific period and nature. Below are some of such contracts that were undertaken by the experts at the centre:


• Design, manufacture and testing of 6000 m3 / hr vacuum pump for Sugar & Integrated Industries Company (SIIC) (1998).
• Preparing software for the design and planning of sugar factories (SIIC) (1999).
• Consultation activities for the Gabal El-Asfar Sewage Plant and Eastern Pumping Station- Cairo Wastewater Organization ( CWO ) (1995- present)-.
• Supervision of manufacture and testing of pumps at the Equipment Factory- Sugar & Integrated Industries Company (SIIC)  (1998 – 2000).
• Assessment of a complete system for prevention of dust emission – The General Company for Silos and Storage (1999).
• Study, prepare tender documents and assist in procurement for replacing sanitary watre furnaces – EPAP and the General Company for Refractory and Ceramics (Chini) (2000).
• Study of turbines troubles at El – Kuraimat thermal power station (2001-2002).
• Fire fighting and alarm systems design at some Cairo University installations (2000).
• Preparation of technical specifications for freezing units and refrigeration lines- West Nubaria Project (1999 – 2000).
• Environmental Impact Assessment- North Cairo Mills (2000).
• Technical studies for developing engineering and calibration labs. – Egyptian Organization for Standardization & Quality Control.
• Air – conditioning and sanitary work studies for the Saudi Egyptian Construction Company (1999- 2000)..
• Technical studies for development of some equipment of Ameria Tunnel Pumping Station-Cairo Wastewater Organization ( CWO ) (2000 – present)..
• Design and follow up the manufacture and installation of a 1.2 cubic m/s – irrigation pump (SIIC) (2003-2005).
• Assessment of refrigeration system and preparation of modification plans at  the Paste and Juice Company (P&JC) – Sadat City, Egypt (2005).
• Preparation of environmental protection plan for the industrial waste water at the Paste and Juice Company (P&JC) – Sadat City, Egypt (2005).
• Preparation of technical specifications for Marashda & Om-Doma Sewage Plants (2005).
• Manufacturing of 6 remotely controlled electrical screens for data show display for the Faculty of Engineering- Cairo University (2005).

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b. Training Courses
The centre offers specialized training courses for engineers in the different Mechanical Power Engineering disciplines as well as other related topics. The centre advertises for these courses a-priori. Normally the course duration is five days from 9 am to 2 pm. There is one break where soft drinks are offered as well as a light lunch. In addition, the centre offers specialized courses as per the request of the interested parties and in the field of their choice. The location of the courses may be at the centre site or at the interested party site. The course contents and cost are separately agreed upon for each course. Example of courses that have been offered by the centre is as follows:
• Air and gas compressors
• Environment protection and management
• Design and operation of pipe lines
• Pumps
• Sewage plants and water treatment
• Electro-mechanical equipment in sewage plants
• Operation and performance of gas turbines
• Heat exchangers
• Refrigeration and air conditioning
• Combustion technologies for boilers and furnaces
• Water treatment and desalination
• Thermal insulation
• Corrosion and corrosion protection in petroleum industry
• Process design of sour gas services
• Cogeneration and energy conservation
• Energy management
• Reciprocating engines design, performance and maintenance
• Projects management

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