Names of foreigners and thier jobs



Ismail Bik El Falky

Sadiq Afandy Selim

Ahmed Afandy Zohni

Ahmed Afandy kamal

Mohamed Afandy Zohdi

Ali Afandy Al Drandly

Mansoor Afandy Ahmed

Hassan Afandy Farid

Saad Afandy Magdy

Jiryes Afandy Malty

Sheikh Ahmed Qtah El Adawy

Janab Frans Bik

Mahmoud Afandy Sami

Headmaster and teacher of Qsmography

Mathematics foreigner

Mathematics foreigner

Mathematics foreigner

Mathematics teaching assistant

Architectural foreigner

Chemistry and nature foreigner

Mechanics foreigner

French,Geography and history foreigner

English and history foreigner

Arabic foreigner

Drawing foreigner

Drawing teaching assistant

      Number of Students  28 internal, 5 external