Measurement & Calibration Lab (MCL)& Project Consulting Group (PCG)


Coordinator: Prof. Dr. Tharwat Wazeer Abo-Arab





Measurement and Calibration Laboratory (MCL) was founded in Cairo University – Faculty of Engineering (CUFE) in 1986. CUFE was convinced to establish such laboratory in order to enhance academic and experimental capabilities for students and to train them on new technologies in measurements & calibrations fields. MCL – as a part of a scientific organization – adopts international standards as a base for measurement and calibration procedures and make all resources available for undergraduate and postgraduate students. 


MCL takes the advantage of the new technologies to use many of sophisticated instruments and equipment in the field of measurements & calibration and make them available for students.


Since 1986, MCL has been serving the national industry as well as the Arab world in many different aspects, educational, industrial, and environmental .   MCL is one of the first national labs tried to be accredited from international bodies to obtain get ISO 17025. So, MCL has the potential to share the responsibility for improving the national industry to the international level.


Also, MCL is integrating with the other laboratories in CUFE, and collaborating with CUFE staff in order to accomplish whatever tests or studies the customer needs. 


Consultation works is found to be the main source of income to Support both Lab expenses Therefore MCL management in support with CUFE administration formed project consulting group (PCG)   Projects Consulting Group (PCG) aims to concentrate on consultation, studies, design, and supervising of projects execution MCL is also ISO 9000 : 2008 Certified as a Consulting Group to offer Consultation services. 


A New branch for MCL / PCG / ISO UNITS  is established in Sheikh-Zayed CUFE branch ISO UNITS a nearby district to industrial area in 6th October City and convienant to other industrial zones in other Governorates e.g Sadat, Fayoum, Bani-Sewef – etc



 We can summarize both MCL / PCG / ISO UNITS main objectives are as follows:

1.As a part of the faculty of engineering, it is one of main  MCL / PCG / ISO UNITS  / ISO UNITS  / ISO UNITS  duties to introduce measurement and calibration science to under-graduate and try to provide and facilitate the cutting edge of technology related to this kind of science. 

2.Performing experiments and technological researches for post-graduate students and supporting such activities.

3.Performing measurement and calibration tests for different types of instruments and equipment referenced to national and international codes.

4.Performing environmental auditing for many industrial entities according to national and international standards.

5.Conducting applied research and training programs in cooperation with national industries.

6.Performing field studies, design, design revision, consultation. Also PCG has a long history for participating in commissioning, performance and handing over for major industrial plants according to international standards. 

7.One of the prominent MCL / PCG / ISO Units activities is to carry out different measurements and tests for equipment, materials, junctions, …etc, also system design, revision and supervision for different types of systems, for example:

  – Lay out and landscaping for major projects.

  – Design of several civil and construction works.

  – Design and execution supervision of Industrial Plants.

  – Fire fighting & fire alarm systems.

  – Fire and explosion studies.

  – Evacuation plans in emergencies.

  – Safety assurance plans.

  – Lighting systems.

  – HVAC & and heat exchanging systems.

  – Design and erection for electro-mechanical works.

  – Potable water and wastewater projects.

  – Plumbing systems.

  – Operation & Maintenance for different equipment and erection works.

  – Performance tests and maintenance evaluation.

  – Solid wastes management. 


MCL/PCG/ISO Units Experience

During the last 10 years, MCL/ PCG / ISO Units has been participating in different engineering projects to achieve studies, design, supervising projects execution, measurements and calibration. These projects are belonging to ministries, governmental organizations, national organizations, public works sector or private sectors, such as: 


•Design revision, execution supervision and performance tests on wastewater treatment plants such as:

1.Greater Cairo wastewater treatment plant.


2.Al Gabal Al-Asfar wastewater Treatment Plant.

3.Wastewater treatment plant for Al-Amiryah, Al-Khosous and El-Kalag.

4.Potable and wastewater treatment plant for faculty of medicine – Jordan.

5.Evaluation and design revision for potable water and wastewater treatment plant of Wady El-Natroun.

6.Pipe line design of potable water and wastewater networks of tourism villages (Wady El-Rayan – Al-Fayoum) and industrial city (Wady Al-Natroun). 

7.Feasibility Study of The Initiation of a Private Sector Company for Operation and Maintenance of Water & Wastewater Works For Ansaldo, Degremant .

8.Pipe line design of potable water and wastewater networks for Central Security Hospital. 

9.Feasibility Study For wastewater reuse in Cultivation of 60000 Feddans in Ellayoon Area, Cairo –Alex. Dessert Road . The Study Includes Lifting Station & Pipeline Network From Zeneen To Abu- Rawash to Allayoon Area

•Projects of Ministry of Health, and General Organization for Hospitals and Educational Institutes.
•Power stations
•Toshki pump station,
•Sina Cement Plant (Capital 600 million LE)
•Abuzenima Gypsium Cement Plant 
•Horus Cement Plant 500 million dollars 
•Supervision on some of industrial zone factories in Abou-Rawwash area, sugar factories, steel factories, many of new cities factories in Sadat, 10th of Ramadan, and 6th of October. 
•National projects of public utilities and infrastructure.
•Design and execution supervision for irrigation &  drainage stations – MED-  Ministry of Public Works and Water Resources. 
•Fire alarm and fire fighting systems for many of different institutional buildings, and this is the core for finding                  MCL/ PCG. / ISO Units 
•Participation in Design and Execution as well as Operation of Projects of Ministry of Communication and Information Technology (e.g. Smart Village). 
•MCL / PCG / ISO UNITS  / ISO UNITS  / ISO Units have long experience making engineering design, and testing for many of industrial machineries such as petroleum pumps, heat exchangers, fuel tanks…etc.
•Measuring stresses and vibrations on bogies of metro car.
Environmental Fields:
MCL / PCG / ISO UNITS  perform environmental studies, auditing for different entities according to Egyptian Environmental Law No. 4 of Year 1994. These environmental measurements are:
First: Gas Emission:
•Flue concentration from chimneys 
•Dust and gases concentrations in work places.
•Work environment measurement.
Second: Noise level:
•Using the most sophisticated instrument to measure the noise level.
Third: Water Pollutions measurements.  
Fourth: Wastes disposal programs.
Fifth: MCL offers solutions in case of over limit emissions.
MCL has performed environmental measurements for:
1.El-Naser Bottling Company (Coca Cola – Egypt) 
2.Galvanization Factories e.g. Al – Babtain Industries Co.- Egypt 
3.Piping factories e.g. Future Pipe Group
4.Environmental auditing for bricks factories, glass factories and cement factories e.g. Sina Cement Plant.
5.Environmental measurements in Emad Eldin street and El Ein El Sokhna. 
MCL has performed EIA for different Engineering sectors as Suze Tersana, Sindbad Resorts & Hotels. 
Energy Solution:
MCL/PCG/ISO Units offers technical advises to energy solution. This includes utilization of solar, wind and several new energy alternative consolation.
Also for substitute of existing fossil fuel system e.g. coal, oil shale etc are offered and MCL/PCG/ISO Units staff have practical experience in renewable and non traditional energy solution implementation.
MCL/PCG/ISO Units Facilities:
Since MCL was founded in 1986, we are trying to keep the lab up to date and to have the most sophisticated equipment, which belongs to the following categories: 
•Environmental instruments 
•Flow Rate Measuring Instruments
•Measurement And Calibration Of The Pressure Gauges
•Vibration Measurement
•Filters Performance Measurement 
•Material Properties Measuring Instruments (Stress, Strain, Hardness, Tensile Stress and Elongation) 
•Dimension Measurement Instruments (Thickness Gauge, Coating Thickness Gauge,…etc)
•Laser system 
•Scatter, Optical Overlap, And Beam Diffraction Sets 
•Incandescent Wire System
•Photo And Digital Analysis Devices
•Detection Of The Quality Of Welding Instruments 
•Oil, Fuel And Lubricants Properties Measurement 
•Thermal Conductivity And Heat Transfer Coefficient Measurement 
•Digital Instruments To Measure The Voltage, Current Intensity, Diffraction And The Electrical Power 
•Rotational Speed Measurement Instrument
•Potable Water & Waste Water Analysis Instruments 
•Temperature measuring and calibration instrument
•Fire Tests
•Surveying Station 
•Bacharach Injector Tester
MCL/PCG/ISO Units Management & Contracting
MCL hosting ISO 17025 unit and PCG are part  of the Faculty of Engineering – Cairo University. A group of the faculty staff (more than 25 Professors, and engineers, full time or part time) are participating the MCL / PCG / ISO UNITS  director to achieve the required studies, measurements, and calibrations.
To contact MCL / PCG / ISO Units :
MCL Supervisor & PCG Chairman:
Prof. Dr. Tharwat W. Abou-Arab
Measurement and Calibration Laboratory
Faculty of Engineering – Cairo University / Giza & Zayed
Zip code: 12613
Lab: (0202) – 35678546 / 35739855 /35678495
Projects:   (0202) –35711370 / 35678496 / 35678495
Fax:    (0202) – 35702687
Faculty:    (0202) – 35703276 / 35701817 
            )Internal: 8546 – 8495 – 8496 – 2099)