The Center for Advancement of Post-Graduate 

Studies and Research in Engineering Sciences



Director: Prof. Dr. Sahar Imam 

Deputy Director: Assoc. Prof. Aliaa Alsadaty


The Center for Advancement of Postgraduate Studies and Research in Engineering Sciences at Cairo University (CAPSCU) – Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University CAPSCU was established in 1974, in cooperation with the UNIDO and UNESCO organizations of the United Nations to foster relations between Cairo University and National Industry. Since then, CAPSCU has provided engineering consultations, technical services, research and development and continuous engineering education to National and International Industrial Establishments and Governmental Organizations. Consultations are offered on a contractual and work order basis in all engineering disciplines. CAPSCU conducts its activities and its commitments by the faculty members of CUFE ( and other faculties at Cairo University ( together with distinguished industrial experts.

CAPSCU operates as an independent business unit within the Faculty of Engineering. Work orders or official contracts are made between CAPSCU and its clients to determine the project objectives, project principal investigator and team members, duration of the project, project budget and terms of payment etc. CAPSCU takes care of all tax deductions required by current laws of the Egyptian government. CAPSCU overheads according to internal regulations are used to run CAPSCU administrative duties and to support post-graduate and research activities in the various departments of the Faculty of Engineering.

Mission and Objectives:
CAPSCU mission focuses on exploiting the available capabilities of the personnel and resources in the university to assist societal institutions in facing the challenges in different fields through win-win relations and through directing the research in the faculty to help in solving such challenges for both public and private sectors. CAPSCU also contributes to the development of the infrastructure of the faculty and the university.

CAPSCU provides technical consultations and support through applied research in all research fields, it also conducts feasibility studies, assessment of assets, analysis of production lines, designing and reviewing of design documents for buildings and processes, technical supervision of works, and bidding procedures and contracting. CAPSCU also provides technical training programs aiming at boosting the graduates’ technical skills to cope with the requirements of stakeholders in a continuously changing labor market environment.

The objectives of the center can be briefed as follows:
1. Supporting postgraduate studies and research, especially those concerned with industrial applied research.
2. Cooperating with Egyptian and Arab industrial institutions in conducting technical studies and applied research      that aim at raising technological capabilities.
3. Providing continuing engineering education programs as well as on-the-job training in modern technological fields, which helps to raise the competencies of industrial enterprises.
4. Conducting material and products tests and analyzing their results in accordance with international specifications and standards and quality control rules and issuing approved certificates for the results.
5. Conducting feasibility studies and evaluating assets and modern technologies.
6. Offering training on Digital documentation and GIS programs among other applications for urban areas.

Scope of Activities:

CASPCU activities have developed over the last two decades in addition to the diverse nature of the institutions soliciting CAPSCU’s services. These include governmental institutions; public and private industrial sectors; banks and international corporations. Recently, CASPCU’s activities with the private sector have grown reflecting the dynamic economical changes on the regional and global scale. CAPSCU’s activities may be classified as follows: a) Consulting Services; b) Training Programs, and c) Support of Postgraduate Studies and Research.

Engineering Consulting Services

Since its inception CAPSCU completed over 2500 projects for different entities including: Egyptian Ministries; Governmental Organizations; National Institutions; Private and Public Sectors; and Banks. Some of the areas of CAPSCU activities over the past years include:

– Technical reports and applied research for industrial institutions.

– Technological development and new technologies and computer systems.

– Quality control and mechanical design

– Design and supervision of construction of mechanical equipment

– Material and product testing according to international standards

– Fracture mechanics

– Properties of materials

– Project management and product marketing

– Hydraulic controls

– Quality of buildings

– Structural, architectural and electromechanical consultations

– Feasibility studies and evaluating assets, preparation and revision of designs, specifications, bidding documents, general and specific conditions, and contracts.

– Evaluation of designs and analysis of equipment failures

– Evaluation of piping network designs

– Laboratory installations


Training Programs

In order to attain competitiveness in national and regional industries CAPSCU acknowledges the need for continued engineering education and the training on advanced technological skills. To this end CAPSCU provides and organizes training programs for engineers within a comprehensive scope of training programs undertaken and supervised by the staff of the CUFE.

The programs offered by CAPSCU include training programs in the fields of: Industrial engineering; Turbo machinery and fluid flow; Air conditioning engineering; Internal combustion equipment; Heat transfer equipment; Hydraulic and pneumatic control systems; Robotics and mechatronics; Mechanical vibrations; Casting; Stress analysis; Corrosion engineering; training inspectors according to the American Society for non-destructive testing codes; Heat treatment; Welding technology and quality assurance; Petroleum reservoir engineering; Natural gas engineering; Drilling engineering; Transformers and electric motors; Industrial automation; Analysis of fluid flow in pipe networks; Ground water; Technical language in the business sector.

Training programs are tailored to the needs of the establishment either through a protocol that ensures training over the period of a year on the programs offered or based on special programs for the institutions’ engineers only. The latter has proven to be beneficial, especially when the courses are provided at the institution where the trainees work since the similar background and similar work requirements help link the training material with practical applications.

CASPCU also provides courses at CUFE when special computer labs or equipment are necessary to complete a course.

CAPSCU welcomes collaboration with national and regional institutions in planning special courses tailored to the requirements of the institutions and suggests other fields of interest that would be beneficial to the recipients.

Support of Postgraduate Studies and Research

CAPSCU continues to financially support postgraduate research in the CUFE though the following:

  • Since 1995, CAPSCU has been awarding Bi-annual prizes for “Distinction in Graduate Studies” to encourage post-graduate studies, research, and publication in reputable International (cited) journals and conferences. The prizes are granted to recent holders of M.Sc and Ph.D degrees and their supervisors from the various departments of CUFE.
  • CAPSCU has participated in enhancing the capabilities of various laboratories in CUFE. This has encouraged involvement of many laboratories in conducting applied industrial research. CAPSCU also acquires licensed software packages to improve the capabilities of the CUFE computer laboratories.
  • A directory of post-graduate theses granted by the various departments of CUFE has been published annually by CAPSCU since 1995.
  • Contribute to the publication of many books and scientific references.

Providing services for plagiarism check for scientific research and theses.


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